Urban: SMSlingshot

Patrick Tobias Fischer (University of Strathclyde Glasgow)
Christian Zöllner (University of the Arts Berlin - UdK)Thilo Hoffmann (e-tecture GmbH)


As well as the 2008 installation for the media facade festival berlin, the SMSlingshot is a truely tangible interaction device for linking digital data with real urban space. Because of the more and more increasing digitalisation of urban environment the need of an accessible intervention device is obvious and necessary. The wish and habit to comment the surrounding world is an ancient still vivant phenomena we try to preserve. The SMSlingshot is an autonomic working device, equipped with a high frequency radio, hacked arduino board, laser and batteries. Textmessages can be typed on a phone-sized wooden keypad which is integrated in an also wooden slingshot. After the message is finished, the user can aim on a media facade and „send“ the message straight to the targeted point. It will then appear as a coloured pixeled splash with the message written within. The textmessage will be real time twittered as well.



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