Physics on Display: Tangible Graphics On Hexagonal Bezel-less Screens

Michael Rooke (Human Media Lab)
Roel Vertegaal (Human Media Lab)


In this paper, we present a tiled display system made out of hexagonal cardboard screens with no visible bezel. Use of a bezel-less hexagonal form factor allows users to build larger multiform displays out of smaller tiles. Individual display tiles can be picked up to allow tangible interactions with physics simulations that are rendered onto the individual tiles. The corners of each hexagon are marked with invisible infrared retro-reflective dots. Computer vision is used to track the 3D location and orientation of these tiles. Our prototype projects back images onto each individual display. This allows for a seamless interaction experience that anticipates wireless Organic LED technology. We discuss a number of applications and interaction techniques for compound cardboard displays, which include tilting, rotating, moving and touching of tiles.



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