About TEI

TEI'10 is the fourth international conference dedicated to presenting the latest results in tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction. It is being held January 25-27, 2010 at the MIT Media Lab.

The work presented at TEI addresses HCI issues, design, interactive art, user experience, tools and technologies, with a strong focus on how computing can finally bridge atoms and bits into cohesive interactive systems. The intimate size of this single-track conference provides a unique forum for exchanging ideas and presenting innovative work through talks, interactive exhibits, demos, hands-on studios, posters, art installations and performances.

To learn more about submitting work to TEI'10, please see participation.

TEI is sponsored by the ACM SIGCHI

Organizing Committee

General Co-Chairs

Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Lab
Robert J. K. Jacob, Tufts University
Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab

Conference Co-Chairs

Marcelo Coelho, MIT Media Lab
Jamie Zigelbaum, MIT Media Lab, Oblong Industries

Program Co-Chairs

Thomas Pederson, IT University of Copenhagen
Orit Shaer, Wellesley College
Ron Wakkary, Simon Fraser University


Lisa Lieberson, MIT Media Lab

Demo Session Chair

Leah Buechley, MIT Media Lab

Studios Co-Chairs

Amon Millner, MIT Media Lab
Jay Silver, MIT Media Lab

Explorations Co-Chairs

Jon Kolko, Frog Design
Thecla Schiphorst, Simon Fraser University

Graduate Student Consortium Chair

Mark Gross, Carnegie Mellon University

Design Chair

Richard The, MIT Media Lab

Web Chair

Ryan O'Toole, MIT Media Lab

Art Co-Chairs

Jean-Baptiste Labrune, MIT Media Lab
Ryan O'Toole, MIT Media Lab

Engineering and Logistics Co-Chairs

Pranav Mistry, MIT Media Lab
Sajid Sadi, MIT Media Lab

Video Chair

Michael Weller, Carnegie Mellon University

One-Minute Madness Chair

Reto Wettach, Interaction Design Lab, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany

Sponsorship Chair

Felice Gardner, MIT Media Lab

Student Volunteer Co-Chairs

Daniel Leithinger, MIT Media Lab
Chloe Fan, Wellesley College

Publicity Co-Chairs

Sabine Fekete, Institute of Innovation and Design
Dana Gordon, MIT CAVS
Takashi Matsumoto, Pileus LLC
Eric Schweikardt, Cornell University

Steering Committee

Brygg Ullmer
Albrecht Schmidt
Eva Hornecker
Rob Jacob
Caroline Hummels
Hans Gellersen
Elise van den Hoven
Ali Mazalek
Shahram Izadi
Mike Fraser
Nicolas Villar

Program Committee

Aliakseyeu, Dzmity
Andersen, Kristina
Antle, Alissa
Bardram, Jakob
Beckhaus, Steffi
Billinghurst, Mark
Blackwell, Alan
Block, Florian
Brown, Barry
Ciolfi, Luigina
Dietz, Paul
Do, Ellen
Edge, Darren
Eisenberg, Michael
Feltham, Frank
Fjeld, Morten
Gellersen, Hans
Höök, Kristina
Hakkila, Jonna
Harrison, Beverly
Hinckley, Ken
Holleis, Paul
Horn, Michael
Hornecker, Eva
Izadi, Shahram
Jacucci, Giulio
Janlert, Lars-Erik
Jorda, Sergi
Kaltenbrunner, Martin
Kitamura, Yoshifumi
Krogh, Peter
Lalanne, Denis
Lim, Youn-kyung
Marshall, Paul
Marti, Stefan
Martin, Fred
Mazalek, Ali
Mueller, Floyd
Nacenta, Miguel
Paradiso, Joe
Patten, James
Pering, Trevor
Poupyrev, Ivan
Price, Sara
Quigley, Aaron
Raffle, Hayes
Rebola Winegarden, Claudia
Rode, Jennifer
Rogers, Yvonne
Schmandt, Chris
Schmidt, Albrecht
Sharlin, Ehud
Sheridan, Jennifer
Signer, Beat
Siio, Itiro
Smith, Andrew
Sokoler, Tomas
Thomas, Bruce
van den Hoven, Elise
Van Laerhoven, Kristof
Wiberg, Mikael
Wilson, Andy

Previous TEIs

TEI'10 follows on from the highly successful:

TEI, the conference on tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction, is about HCI, design, interactive art, user experience, tools and technologies, with a strong focus on how computing can bridge atoms and bits into cohesive interactive systems.

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